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Educational Software Survey - Mathematics

by admin published Jan 10, 2013 01:10 PM, last modified Jan 10, 2013 05:39 PM

Please fill in this survey below to give your opinions about the curation, revival and re-invention of mathematics software developed in the eighties.

Before you start, review the material we have already digitised:
Micros in the Mathematics Classroom
Micro Smile

For each there is an overview and a scanned PDF document of the original material.

Flippin' Heritage logoThe availability of microcomputers to a few schools in the late seventies and then the widespread adoption by schools in the early eighties encouraged the development of a wide range of learning software. The pioneers were mainly mathematics, computer studies and science teachers, since these were the departments that first used the equipment, but were closely followed by geographers, historians,  english specialists, special needs and many others.

It is difficult to find, use and benefit from the ideas developed and this where the National Archive of Educational Computing comes in, but we need your help to decide what to focus on.

This first survey concentrates on Mathematics software and sets out to gather opinions about some of the early materials that the National Archive of Educational Computing has scanned and presented on this site, but also requests views on software that we should prioritise for conservation.

The National Archive of Educational Computing has been prototyping an approach to conservation, called Flippin' Heritage, which involves creating new apps for mobile devices & the web which link back to this site to connect to the historical context. On completion of this survey your reward is a link to our first app!

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About the educational software
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I want to be able to read about and see the original paperwork for old educational software.
I want to be able to run the original software, emulated in a web browser.
I want to use a modern interpretation of the software.