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   PLEASE NOTE: This website was valid from August 2005 until December 2006, and is no longer current.

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Essex SummerSchool 2005

Essex SummerSchool 2005 Project Description
Twist of Fate :: SummerSchool 2005

Your summer challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to create the next generation of comic. Each group (of no more than 5) will have a page in the completed ‘international’ comic, called ‘Twist of Fate’.

This is not a paper comic, it is cooler than that!

What you’ve read above can be translated as you see fit, and is entirely up to you but you need to tell a story, a twist of fate, and tell it in a new and exciting way in your comic windows.

Each of the comic windows is something cool, each of the nine windows on your groups page should be a combination of film, animation, still photography and even a sound or song....what’s certain is that each window will be bursting with creativity and the story will unfold in a very cool way.

No copywrite music can be used, you have to make your own if you are going to use any! No two stories or characters in this comic are the same.

Each ‘window’ of your story (9 in total) needs to be given to Ultralab in Full Quality DV format or back on DV tape.

Good luck, as ever, there is no right answer. Be creative.

P.S. If your work is good enough, it will be put on an International DVD.

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