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   PLEASE NOTE: This website was valid from August 2005 until December 2006, and is no longer current.

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CABE Project Description

Ultralab was commissioned for this research throughout 2003 from within the "Building Futures" programme which is a CABE / RIBA initiative. The task was to explore the devlopment of future pedagogies and thus to be able to offer some guidance, or at least debate, about what learning environments in the future might be like. The intention was to inform and provoke debate within both architecture and education about the design of school buildings and other learning spaces.

The report is now complete and can be read, or downloaded for printing as a pdf, from this page. CABE have also produced a booklet based on the report, which can be found here

The work that Ultralab has undertaken here has been applied to another project,, This project is in partnership with the Design Council and seeks to find out just how children can become invoved with design decisions affecting their school and learning environments. Read more about it here

Ultralab is now doing considerable work in the area of designing learning spaces: schools, universities, companies & organisations, virtual spaces... if you want help in these areas, please contact: Hal MacLean

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