Time Level


This app can be used to learn about graph interpretation and sketching.

Play with the controls to turn on the tap, take out the plug, get in the bath and sing to see how the water level changes with these actions and how this can be recorded on a graph.

After exploring the app, try drawing a graph on paper for someone else to write a story to explain what it records. If they can do the same for you, swap graphs and stories to discuss together what happened.


This program was first created by the Investigations into Teaching with a Microcomputer as an Aid project (ITMA). It was designed by Hugh Burkhardt, Richard Phillips and Malcolm Swan. It was programmed by Richard Phillips for one of the first computers used in schools, the Research Machines 380Z.

The program and its accompanying guide was published by Longman in 1982.

The 2015 version was created by Richard Millwood.

Read more about it and some of the other software made by ITMA at the:
National Archive of Educational Computing.



This is how the original progam looked in 1982:

Layer 1 L e v e l Minutes >> Man out. >> Man in. >> Sing. >> wo wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha


Eureka was first developed using BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) which was a common programming language for early microcomputers.

This version is created using:

The code can be found on the GitHub website.